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Faculty and Students Build Time Capsule

Morgan Hall, on the UT Institute of Agriculture campus, recently held a celebration as part of its 100th anniversary. Included in that event was the removal of a time capsule that dated to the building’s construction and the installation of a new one to be opened in another 100 years.

MABE had a strong presence at the event, as several students and faculty members in the department helped design and build the new capsule using the advanced machinery found on the ground floor of the Nathan W. Dougherty Engineering Building.

Here are some scenes from the capsule’s construction, a look at the finished product, and some images from the Morgan Hall event.

photo of the team of faculty, staff, and students who worked on the project

The team of faculty, staff, and students who worked on the project (left to right): Professor Chad Duty, Associate Professor Bradley Jared, doctoral student Greg Corson, Associate Professor Brett Compton, doctoral student Jake Dvorak, master’s student Leah Jacobs, doctoral student Josh Penney, Professor Bill Hamel, doctoral student Aaron Cornellius, Professor Tony Schmitz, doctoral student Ross Zameroski.

photo of josh penney examining a milling machine

Graduate student Josh Penney examines a milling machine that was used in the construction of the time capsule.

a piece of the time capsule being prepped for refinement

An end piece of the time capsule is prepped for refinement on one of the department’s advanced manufacturing machines.

photo of Ross Zameroski screwing on the lid with a screwdriver

Doctoral student Ross Zameroski uses a screwdriver to attach the lid of the time capsule to the rest of the box.

side of time capsule after sand blasting

A look at the finished time capsule, including the UT Institute of Agriculture logo on the front of the box.

photo of team presenting time capsule

Student team members (from left) Greg Corson, Ross Zameroski, and Josh Penney present the time capsule at the UT Institute of Agriculture celebration along with Associate Professor Bradley Jared.