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Bradley Jared

Associate Professor


August 2020-Present
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering, University of Tennessee

Principal Member of Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories, Material, Physical and Chemical Sciences Center

Senior Member of Technical Staff
Sandia National Laboratories, Manufacturing Science and Technology Center


  • Additive manufacturing (AM)
  • Precision engineering
  • Design of precision electro-mechanical systems and mechanisms
  • Machine learning for manufacturing processes
  • Metrology processes
  • Opto-mechanics and opto-electronics
  • Design and process optimization
  • Hierarchical material design
  • Material process-structure- property relationships
  • Meso manufacturing


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, 1999
Precision Engineering Center, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

MS, Mechanical Engineering, 1996
Precision Engineering Center, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

BS, Mechanical Engineering, Tennessee Scholar, 1994
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Professional Service

International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium- Advisory Committee (2020)

American Society for Precision Engineering
- Member of Precision Manufacturing Technical Leadership Committee (2015-2020)
- Board Member (2011-2013)
- Annual Meeting Organizing Committee (2000-2006, 2008-2015),Organizing Committee Chair (2011)
- Student Design Competition Committee (2014-2016)
- Spring Topical Meeting Committee (2014, 2015, 2016)
- Nominating Committee (2005, 2011-2014), Nominating Committee Vice-Chair (2011), Nominating Committee Chair (2012)
-Student Scholarship Sub-Committee (2008, 2017, 2019)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Society of Manufacturing Engineering

Tau Beta Pi

Pi Tau Sigma

Awards and Recognitions

Sandia Employee Recognition Award, VPE CRADA Team, 2017

Sandia Employee Recognition Award, Additive Manufacturing Qualification Team, 2016

Sandia Employee Recognition Award, Retro-Reflector Data Device (R2D2) Team, 2016

Sandia Public Good Inventor awardee, 2014

DOE NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence, Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap Team, 2013

R&D100 Award, Microsystems Enabled Photovoltaics (MEPV) Team, 2012

ASPE Student Scholarship for Outstanding Paper Submission, 1998

Tau Beta Pi 3M Fellow, 1994-95

Outstanding Senior Achievement - UT Mechanical Engineering Department, 1994


Select Publications

B. Dutta, S. Babu, B.H. Jared, Science, Technology and Applications of Metals in Additive Manufacturing, Elsevier, 2019.

Journal Articles
J.A. Mitchell, T.A. Ivanoff, D. Dagel, J.D. Madison, B. Jared, Linking pyrometry to porosity in  additively manufactured metals, Additive Manufacturing, 31 (2020) 100946.

N.M. Heckman, T.A. Ivanoff, A.M. Roach, B.H. Jared, D.J. Tung, H.J. Brown-Shaklee, T. Huber, D.J. Saiz, J.R. Koepke, J.M. Rodelas, J.D. Madison, B.C. Salzbrenner, L.P. Swiler, R.E. Jones, B.L. Boyce, Automated high-throughput tensile testing reveals stochastic process parameter sensitivity, Materials Science and Engineering: A (2019) 138632.

J.B. Forien, P.J. Depond, G.M. Guss, B.H. Jared, J.D. Madison, M.J. Matthews, Effect of laser power on roughness and porosity in laser powder bed fusion of stainless steel 316L alloys measured by X-ray tomography, International Journal of Materials Research, (2019).

E. Garlea, H. Choo, C.C. Sluss, M.R. Koehler, R.L. Bridges, X. Xiao, Y. Ren, B.H. Jared, Variation of elastic mechanical properties with texture, porosity, and defect characteristics in laser powder bed fusion 316L stainless steel, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 763 (2019) 138032.

M.J. Heiden, L.A. Deibler, J.M. Rodelas, J.R. Koepke, D.J. Tung, D.J. Saiz, B.H. Jared, Evolution of 316L stainless steel feedstock due to laser powder bed fusion process, Additive Manufacturing, 25 (2019) 84-103.

P. Yang, M.A. Rodriguez, L.A. Deibler, B.H. Jared, J. Griego, A. Kilgo, A. Allen, D.K. Stefan, Effect of thermal annealing on microstructure evolution and mechanical behavior of an additive manufactured AlSi10Mg part, Journal of Materials Research, 33(12) (2018) 1701- 1712.

A. Tauke-Pedretti, J.G. Cederberg, J.L. Cruz-Campa, C. Alford, C.A. Sanchez, G.N. Nielson, M. Okandan, W. Sweatt, B.H. Jared, M. Saavedra, W. Miller, G.A. Keeler, S. Paap, J. Mudrick, A. Lentine, P. Resnick, V. Gupta, J. Nelson, L. Li, D.H. Li, T. Gu, J.J. Hu, Hybrid Integration of III-V Solar Microcells for High-Efficiency Concentrated Photovoltaic Modules, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics, 24(2) (2018) 1-9.

D.H. Li, L. Li, B. Jared, G. Keeler, B. Miller, M. Wood, C. Hains, W. Sweatt, S. Paap, M. Saavedra, C. Alford, J. Mudrick, U. Das, S. Hegedus, A. Tauke-Pedretti, J.J. Hu, T. Gu, Wafer integrated micro-scale concentrating photovoltaics, Progress in Photovoltaics, 26(8) (2018) 651-658.


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