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Weisenberg Named ASME Fluids Engineering Division Graduate Scholar of the Year

Sofy Weisenberg, who recently received her master’s degree in biomedical engineering from Department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomedical Engineering (MABE), has been named ASME Fluids Engineering Division Graduate Scholar of the Year.

Sofy WeisenbergWeisenberg was selected for the award based on the peer review of her technical paper, “Optimization of Ventricular Catheter Design Using High-Performance Computing.”

In addition to the award, Weisenberg will receive a $1,500 scholarship and the opportunity to join one of the division’s six technical committees in an area closest to her submitted work for one year.

Assistant Professor and Weisenberg’s advisor, Dr. Stephanie TerMaath, stated, “Sofy’s graduate work will have substantial implications for hydrocephalus patients by reducing the need for continual shunt replacements via brain surgery and I have no doubt she will continue to make revolutionary contributions throughout her career.”

“This is a unique and humbling opportunity to share my research and I would like to thank Dr. TerMaath and the MABE department for supporting this research in biomedical engineering,” said Weisenberg.

Weisenberg received the award at the ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting in Washington, D.C., on July 13.