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Heart Valve Mechanobiology Lab

Heart Valve Mechanobiology Lab

Dr. Zannatul Ferdous

Zannatul Ferdous

Contact Information

Office Address:
213 Perkins Hall
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-2210

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About Us

The heart valve mechanobiology research group focuses on the study of mechanisms and causes of cardiovascular diseases, particularly pathologies of heart valves. Our long-term goal  is not only to improve understanding of valve biology and pathology, but also to identify biomarkers for early detection or treatment of valve diseases. Under the supervision of Dr. Ferdous, we are characterizing cellular interaction with various physiological and pathological factors. This includes developing custom culture devices that can apply electrical and mechanical forces to valvular cells.


  • In vitro Disease Models for Heart Valves
  • Molecular and cellular mechanism of sex-difference in heart valves
  • Cellular Electrobiology (in collaboration with Dr. Nicole Macfarlane)
  • Bioreactor Systems for Native & Engineered System

Team Members

Graduate student: Ying Lei


The heart valve mechanobiology lab is located in Senter Hall (Rooms 105, 105A) at UTK. Room 105A is equipped to perform cell culture and characterization experiments as well as safe handling and disposal of biohazard materials.

Room 105 is set up to perform histology, biochemical, and molecular biology assays. The current facilities include: a sterilizable 6 ft biological hood for cell cultures, two programmable CO2 incubators, liquid nitrogen cell storage tank, water bath, phase contrast and brightfield microscope with a digital video camera, a regular centrifuge and a temperature-controlled microcentrifuge, microtome, histology oven, and other small benchtop equipment.

The lab is also equipped to perform protein/DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis, biochemical assays and western blotting and houses a microplate reader, chemidox imager, and a Step One Plus qPCR machine.


  • UTK SARIF equipment grant
  • NSF