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Robotics, Automation, and Manufacturing


To perform research and development in the broad areas of robotics and automation as they apply to manufacturing automation, industrial controls, remote operations in hazardous environments, military operations, and space applications. R&D projects are performed for local/regional industries, national laboratories, and federal agencies.


  • Telerobotic systems for hazardous environments including variable impedance and scaling and Intelligently assisted telerobotics for complex task execution
  • Advanced teleoperations including human-machine cooperative telerobotics with uncertain sensor and model data and human factors of manual controllers
  • Redundant manipulator systems and control
  • Flexible manipulator control
  • Sensor-guided manipulation
  • Structural modeling and compensation of robot manipulators
  • Human-interactive 3D task space geometric modeling
  • Advanced mechatronics
  • Transmission-based servoactuators
  • Open architecture machine tool controls
  • Real-time distributed digital control architectures
  • Brick manufacturing automation and inspection
  • 3D simulation and modeling of automation systems
  • Unmanned ground vehicle systems including vehicle dynamics and control, mobility characterization and sensor pointing controls