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Lady Ice Vol and MABE senior tackles a male-dominated sport

Mia Becker

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) Mia Becker came to UT as a transfer from Boston University, where she played goalie for a division 1 hockey team.

“I decided to transfer to a school where I could pursue engineering and still have hockey, just not as much as a time commitment, so I came to Tennessee,” said Ice Vols goalie Mia Becker.
Becker left behind a woman’s team and tackles a predominately men’s team.

“I’m just a player,” said Becker. “I’m a teammate. The boys treat me like a teammate. The only difference is I get dressed in a different locker room before,” she continued.

Ice Vols coach Jason Schaake said once his players hit the ice, their gender is far from the play book.

“I would just refer to her as a hockey player not a female hockey player or she’s a hockey player,” said Ice Vols Coach Jason Schaake. “She’s no different than the other goalies,” he added.

Becker is tough and brings years of experience from the North East to her team.

“It’s a much different attitude towards hockey and a much more serious playing field, a lot more dogs in the fight up there,” said Schaake.

Proving girls do run the world, Becker admits she’s more seasoned than some of the boys. Above all, she loves the game and continues to make a difference with her team, one save at a time.

“We’re all here to play and have fun and win as a Tennessee team,” said Becker.

Becker is a senior in MABE majoring in mechanical engineering.