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Brett G. Compton

Associate Professor


August 2021-Present
Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

August 2015     July 2021
Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

June 2014     July 2015
Materials Scientist in Additive Manufacturing
Manufacturing Demonstration Facility
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

January 2013     April 2014
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Harvard University


Developing new high-performance materials for additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, and developing the necessary fundamental understanding of AM processes to enable the application of rigorous engineering principles to AM components. This requires establishing the link between feedstock processing parameters, deposition parameters, and the mechanical and functional properties of the resulting materials through mechanical testing, numerical simulation, and modeling.

Of particular interest are printable fiber-reinforced polymer and ceramic matrix composites (PMC's and CMC's) and multi-material hybrid structures. These represent a huge area of untapped potential now accessible via additive manufacturing techniques. Potential areas of application include aerospace, nuclear power, armor, wear materials, and lightweight, highly efficient structures for the transportation sector.


Ph.D., 2012, University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S., 2006, University of Kentucky, Lexington

Professional Service

Member, American Ceramic Society, Engineering Ceramics Division
Gordon Research Conference Fellowship
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Student Scholarship

Peer reviewer for the International Journal of Impact Engineering, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Experimental Mechanics, Journal of Applied Mechanics, and European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids


Awards and Recognitions

  • AFRL Summer Faculty Fellow, 2016
  • Invited Speaker  - NAE Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, 2016
  • R&D100 Award for GENOA 3D printing software with AlphaStar Corporation
  • Web of Science Highly Cited Paper: “3D-printing of lightweight cellular composites,” Advanced Materials, 2014
  • Cover Art: "3D Printing:  3D-Printing of Lightweight Cellular Composites," Advanced Materials, 26 (34), 6043 (2014)


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M.R. Talagani, S. DorMohammadi, R. Dutton, C. Godines, H. Baid, F. Abdi, V. Kunc, B. Compton, S. Simunovic, C. Duty, L. Love, B. Post, and C. Blue, “Numerical Simulation of Big Area Additive Manufacturing (3D Priting) of a Full Size Car,” SAMPE Journal 51 (4) 27-36 (2015). 

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